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What's Included in Our Charcuterie Boards

A Curated Selection for Every Palate

  • Artisan Cheeses: Handpicked by our vendors for exceptional quality.
  • Premium Charcuterie: Generously portioned at 3 oz. per person.
  • Seasonal Fresh Produce: A vibrant array of fruits and vegetables to complement the board.

Elevate Your Experience

  • Gourmet Accoutrements: From marinated olives to savory spreads, each element is thoughtfully selected.
  • Dried Fruits and Sweets: A delightful mix to satisfy both savory and sweet cravings.
  • Crackers and Breads: The perfect base for your charcuterie adventure.

Important Notes

  • Portion Sizes: Please note that portions vary according to the size of the board selected.
  • Nut Allergy: All our boards include nuts. If you have a nut allergy, make sure to notify us at checkout.